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Environmental Initiatives

The best way to start a better world is right at home.

At Eden Home & Garden, we believe that we can all start to protect and conserve our natural resources at home. At our companies home in Edmonton, Alberta, next to the beautiful and famous rocky mountains, we have prioritized sourcing new products and manufacturing processes that expand responsible choices for our customers. While our collections contain renewable woods and sustainable materials, we continue to explore and introduce new and important initiatives that will help make our homes more thoughtful environments.

Within our offices, going green is not a trend. It's a never-ending mission to preserve our planet. Our commitment will continue as we develop new ways to improve everything touch, from the products we source and the way it gets delivered to your home.

Simple Steps to Keep your Home Environmentally Friendly

Recycle all paper, glass and aluminum products your family uses and properly dispose of any electronic waste, such as old phones or televisions, which should not be thrown out with the regular trash.

Conserve water wherever possible—take shorter showers, turn off the sink while brushing your teeth, and upgrade to water-saving appliances.

For light fixtures, change any incandescent light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs to use less energy. Also remember to turn off lights every time you leave a room.

Reduce wasted food in the kitchen by freezing fresh meats or veggies you won’t be able to eat quickly.

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